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Planning for the future and protecting your assets

Why make a will?

A will is probably one of the most important documents that you will ever sign. Everything that you have worked for and built up during your lifetime will be disposed of in line with your will after your death.

You would never dream of using a rogue builder to work on your house or leave it to fall into disrepair so why would you cut corners with everything that you own by not using a solicitor to create your will?

We often hear reasons why people don’t have a will such as, “I’m tempting fate”, “I’m too young” and “I’ve got nothing to leave”. Our specialist wills and wealth planning lawyers say that having a will is sensible especially if you have a family. You’re never too young to have a will.

You have something to leave as soon as you take out an insurance policy, own a car, house, pension or have savings in the bank. Creating a will can make sure that your assets are protected and reassure you that they will be passed on to the people and charities you choose when you die.

How can our wills and wealth planning solicitors help you?

When creating a will it is important to make sure that not only are all your assets included but that specialist advice is taken, where needed, to cover any inheritance tax or individual circumstances.

Our specialist team don’t just ask you what you want in your will and write it down. We take the time to look at your family and financial circumstances to find out what is important to you. We aim to give you the reassurance and confidence to know that every aspect of your life has been covered and will be reflected in your will.


About our wills solicitors

Members of our team have the internationally recognised Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP) qualification and therefore have the technical knowledge and years of experience to help you find a bespoke solution to meet your needs. Head of team Justine Clowes is also a member of the national organisation Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE).


How we work

Our team offers specialist advice and help in a flexible way, either through meeting with you at one of our four offices or visiting your home if you are unable to come to us.

At the start of the process you will meet with your dedicated solicitor who will advise you and draft your will themselves.

Your solicitor will also advise you (if needed) on the provision of care for children and seniors and wills and succession planning for business owners.



We are open and transparent about our charges. We will also give you a choice as to how you wish to pay for your will. To find out more about our prices, please go to our wills price list page.

Why work with us

Why choose SAS Daniels for wills and wealth planning support?

A team with your best interests at heart, dedicated to helping you plan for the future and protect your assets. Individual, personal service from one of our hugely experienced wills and wealth planning solicitors.

Wills frequently asked questions

View the most frequently asked Wills questions that we get at SAS Daniels.
  • What happens if I die without a will?

    If you die without a will, this is called intestate. In this situation, you cannot control who your estate is distributed to, as the distribution is governed by a set of rules called ‘intestacy’. These rules give priority to certain members of your family but will not take into account friends or charities. The rules are rigid and do not take into account any non-blood relatives, other than your spouse.
  • I have been living with my partner for 10 years now, surely they will be classed as my common-law husband/wife and automatically inherit my estate?

    The rules of intestacy do not apply to cohabitees. If your partner was financially dependant upon you, they will have to make a claim against your estate under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 which could be costly and cause problems within the family.
  • Where should I store my will?

    Your will should be stored in a safe place as the original will be needed for probate. If a will is missing, it will be presumed that it has been cancelled. It is a good idea to tell your executor and family where you have stored a will.
  • Why do I need a will if I don’t own very much?

    You may have heard the phrase ‘worth more dead than alive’ and this is often true. Whilst you are alive, you only consider your cash assets as being worth anything but in reality, if you own a property, have life insurance policies, death in service benefits, pensions etc, they are all assets which can be passed on to loved ones.
  • Can I make a joint will with my spouse?

    Each person usually makes their own will setting out their wishes but couples can make ‘mirror wills’ which reflect similar wishes.

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